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The League of Dressmakers is an online subscription club for the adventurous seamstress. In a connected community, members embrace courageous creativity through video lessons, garment sewalongs, inspiring textile travel documentaries, and friendships with other folks who love to sew clothes. Come be a world-saving, pin-busting, adventurous stitcher with us!

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In 2023, we had three major video series at The League for which I did the majority of my sewing for the year: our How To Sew Pants, our Travel Handmade video series, an our Intro to Activewear video series. Between these three projects, I made over 40 handmade garments in the space of one calendar year!

This is BY FAR a record for me. I wrote on my personal blog about how I got all that sewing done, and what I learned from it. Below, see the YouTube version of a video featuring me wearing ALL THE THINGS–members can also view the League-exclusive extended Director’s Cut video summary of all those handmade garments!

ALL the handmade garments

This list covers ALL the garments I wear in the video!

Not shown on video (but sewn in 2023):

ALL of that is feedback that’s valuable to sewing the best garments of our lives, and THAT is the focus of every video and every video series I share here with members of The League!

In the video exclusive for League members, I’m pretty candid about which garments I LOOOOOOVE and which ones I love less. Part of the on-going conversation we have here at The League is that NONE of these are “failures,” they’re experiments. These are garments where I learned I need to size up, or size down, or remove an inch from the rise, or use a different serger thread.

The video series:

Watch ALL the League video series to sew along with me! Garments above marked with an * are FULL step-by-step sewalongs, each with their own full-length video. Garments with no * are included in the before-and-after videos for each series, complete with analysis and pattern info.

Each series is a “course” style with modules that include ALL the details, including sources for fabric and notions; tips and techniques; links to additional resources; and conversation about each pattern and how to make them work for you. The Pants video series also includes fitting and muslin skills!


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Join us! The League of Dressmakers is a video subscription club for adventurous sewing. In a fun, vibrant community we sew for ourselves: clothes that fit us and suit us, clothes we feel good about making and good about wearing. We share an Annual Sewing Tournament that challenges us to try new things, and rewards us for the skills we’ve gained–complete with prizes! And our private social community helps us connect with one another in a space free from distractions.

The League shares fresh content EVERY WEEK, and published over 40 hours of new video last year. We share quarterly sewalongs and original patterns, all included in your membership, along with LIVE chats every other month! Come sew the best clothes of your life as a member of The League.

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