At the League of Dressmakers, we know you want to be FEARLESS.  In order to do that, you need the confidence to sew clothing you’re excited to wear.  The problem is, you can’t find a clear path to upgrade your sewing skills, which can make you feel discouraged and overwhelmed.

We believe you deserve to feel DELIGHTED when you sew, and THRILLED with your results.  We understand the sewing landscape can be cluttered and confusing, which is why we’ve led thousands of dressmakers to better garment sewing through step-by-step video and personalized instruction.

The League is built around the idea of courageous creativity in connected community.  This is a place where members are supported and inspired to try new techniques, to sew new things, to expand their skills in order to grow and learn.  This feeds not only our sewing skills, but also our sense of self, our image of who we can be on the outside and the inside, our ability to impact our surroundings through clothing, and our interaction with others as a community of support and encouragement.

Membership invites you to join a platform that presents careful, thoughtful instruction in core garment sewing techniques, designed intentionally and deliberately to lead you to better clothing construction.  Monthly up-close video lessons give you hi-def views of techniques and their variations, and each video series leads you to the perfect sewing pattern where you can apply what you’ve learned.  Printable technique guides build your permanent reference library as you increase your skills, and a private Facebook group provides a familiar space for connecting with other League members.

Here’s how we do it:

1: Join the League

2: Build your personalized video playlist

3: Sew the best garments of your life

You are too creative to sew clothes you never wear.  It’s time to proudly show off your handmade wardrobe.