joined forces in 2016 when founder Deborah Moebes envisioned a team of like-minded folks who love to sew banding together to master core sewing skills in a connected, supportive community united through video and chat across the world.  In the years since, the League has grown and become a place where deep friendships are formed, where questions are asked and answered, and where members can maybe not save the world, but at least make a difference in their part of the world, one stitch at a time.

The League is built around the idea of courageous creativity in connected community.  This is a place where members are supported and inspired to try new techniques, to sew new things, to expand their skills in order to grow and learn.  This feeds not only our sewing skills, but also our sense of self, our image of who we can be on the outside and the inside, our ability to impact our surroundings through clothing, and our interaction with others as a community of support and encouragement.

Membership invites you to join a platform that presents careful, thoughtful instruction in core garment sewing techniques, designed intentionally and deliberately to lead you to better clothing construction.  Monthly up-close video lessons give you hi-def views of techniques and their variations, and a practice pattern with each lesson gives you a chance to apply what you’ve learned.  A printable technique guide (which can also be read on your tablet) gives you a permanent reference for each skill, and the private Facebook group provides a familiar space for connecting with other League members.  Deborah will be there alongside you, as the League’s organizer and leader, researching and discovering and exulting in the joy of making garments we can be excited about and proud of.