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The League of Dressmakers is an online membership and community designed to help you grow your sewing skills, so you can feel confident making one-of-a-kind clothes that look professionally made — and fit like they were made for you (because they are!)

My sewing skills have exploded since being with the League!
“I started WAY back in 2016...with the Get Up and Go skirt and The Drawstring dress. Now I am modifying patterns (I'm looking at you Han Solo jacket), finish my seams every time (I used to think this was optional), and look to more complicated projects without as much hesitation.”

Elaine D
Member since 2016

The League is my go-to for fresh ideas and accurate how-tos.
“A League membership is a way to not only connect with some really cool sewists, it is my go-to for fresh ideas, accurate how-tos, and sew alongs. Within the League, I find inspiration, expert knowledge, and friendship. Who wouldn't want to have that in their sewing arsenal?!”

Angela A
Member since 2020


“I want to make more of my own clothes instead of being frustrated by what’s offered off the rack.”

“I love sewing, but I wish I could improve the fit of the items I make and have them look more ‘professional.”

“I have such a hard time finding patterns that are size inclusive. Most I’ve found only go up to an 18 or 20.”

“I wish I knew how to turn an idea in my mind into a piece of clothing that works for my body.”

“Sewing is my craft. I want to gain more confidence in my skills and work on more complex projects.”

“I want to be able to sew a quality, handmade, one-of-a-kind wardrobe that reflects me and my personality.”

“I’m pretty good at sewing, but I'd like to do a better job with the seam finishes, details, and confidently make fitting adjustments.”

“I want to be creative and have nice clothes that fit me well. If only I could make more time for sewing in my life.”

“No matter how many YouTube tutorials I watch, I never know what to sew next or what skills I don't know to learn!"

If you’re nodding along to any of these, you’re not alone.

Over the past decade, I’ve taught thousands of sewists with the same goals, passions, and frustrations. I’ve even felt many of these things myself over the years.

You sew for fun, self-expression and self-care … and because finding off-the-rack clothes that actually fit your body is like finding a needle in a haystack, whether you’re a size 6 or 36. 

But let’s be honest: No matter how much you genuinely enjoy the restorative, meditative act of sewing, it’s no fun wasting fabric, time, and energy on projects that don’t turn out as you hoped. 

And trying to figure out exactly why it didn’t turn out right and how to fix it is really hard when you’re going at it alone or relying on random YouTube videos.

Issues like:

Getting a curved neckline to lay flat

Personalizing a pattern so it feels more "you"

Adjusting a pattern to fit a larger bust, wider hip, bigger bicep or thighs

Customizing pattern sizing so the final product fits your specific body type

Fixing pulling or gaping 

Unlocking the secrets of fabric so you select the right one for each project

That’s exactly why I created 


I’m Deborah Moebes, a sewing instructor, best-selling author, speaker, and a firm believer that just about every garment should have pockets.

I’ve taught hundreds of in-person sewing classes and written two bestselling books on sewing.  I’m also a regular speaker and instructor for sewing and blogging conferences, including Sewing Summit, the School of Art Fashion, and the International Quilt Market, as well as at local quilt guilds.

For many years, I ran a popular local retail sewing lounge which was voted Best of Atlanta every year it was open.

I decided to create the League of Dressmakers because I wanted to help more people from all over the globe upgrade their sewing skills in a non-intimidating, welcoming space that let each individual stitcher go at their own pace.

There are already A LOT of resources out there for people who want to get better at sewing. So what makes me different? Here’s what I’ll tell you …

Just because someone knows how to sew doesn’t mean they can successfully teach others to sew.

The 10 years I spent developing, writing, and teaching curriculum as a school teacher taught me how to break down complex skills and projects into manageable steps that anyone can follow. 

I bring that same methodical approach to teaching sewing, ensuring that you not only understand the hows but also the whys of each technique, so you can be your own problem-solver in the future.


The League encourages me to sew more and sparks my creativity. The members are inspiring and encouraging.”

“My sewing has definitely improved. The video tutorials are easy to follow. It is inspiring to see everyone's creativity.”

jersey-rosettes-on-bamboo-tee Whipstitch blog

“The videos give me technical guidance. And Deborah's support helps me feel that I CAN sew my own clothing — and make the clothes fit me, rather than feeling like something is wrong with my body shape.”

“Joining The League has made me more confident about beginning a new project.”


If you’re ready to transform your sewing skills and join a community of passionate, creative individuals I’d love to welcome you inside 


No matter where your sewing skills are now, the League of Dressmakers will lead you step-by-step to the next level with personalized video collections, exclusive skill-building patterns, and one-on-one interaction so you can fearlessly sew the best garments of your life.



Join a positive, welcoming collective of fellow stitchers who get it. Say goodbye to going at it alone and hello to inspiration, connection, and support!


Learn to sew with fewer mistakes, gaining the confidence to tackle more complex projects.


Follow a structured, proven learning path created by an experienced teacher. One that minimizes frustration and maximizes your success.


Whether you want to create a handmade wardrobe for yourself or create items to gift to others, our resources and support will help you get there


Learn finer techniques you didn’t know you were missing that will make your project look professional and complete.


What's Included With The League?

starting point league main page

Personalized Roadmap

When you join, you'll take our onboarding quiz, so you can tailor your experience based on your skill level and goals.

tournament league main page

Annual Tournament of Stitching

One of our most popular events! It’s a fun and friendly competition where League members can showcase their skills, take on sewing challenges together, and win prizes. It's a great way to stay motivated and connect with other members.

pattern pdf league main page

Exclusive Sewing Patterns

Get access to unique patterns that help you learn new skills while creating garments you'll love to wear.

video library League main page

On-Demand Library of 250+ How-To Videos, Resources, & Tools

Explore our collection of easy-to-follow videos for projects ranging from Absolute Beginner to Intermediate, and Advanced. Projects are broken down into bite-sized videos, so you can follow along at your own pace.

resources League main page

Curated Tools & Resources

Get the inside scoop on my go-to tools, pattern makers, and other resources to level up your  sewing.

member social league main page

Private, Welcoming Community  (and it’s NOT on Facebook!)

Our private community is just for League members, where you can share your projects and ask questions. Whether you need some advice, a venting session, or a supportive cheering section, you'll always have a welcoming place to turn to.

sewalongs league main page

Sewalong Series

Over-the-shoulder videos that take you through the entire process of creating one garment, from fabric selection to hem lines. Follow along step-by-step, hit pause as needed, and bring any challenges to our private community for quick troubleshooting.

live chat league main page

Live Coaching & “Ask Me Anything” Sessions With Deborah and Guest Speakers

Get unstuck, get inspired, or just get together with fellow stitchers live, during our quarterly virtual coaching sessions and live chats

unlimited video playback league main page

Unlimited Playback

Can’t make a live session? Missed a virtual get together? Don’t worry because all live sessions are recorded. Learn on your own schedule throughout your membership.

Here's a sampling of videos you can find inside:

League videos can be played and replayed on demand, as often as you want.  New videos publish on Fridays year-round!

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how to measure for sewing patterns 1
Design and Sew the Perfect Tee Shirt League Whipstitch
make your own gear sew activewear with the league
Screen Shot 2023-02-23 at 2.27.25 PM
Sewing Knits League title card 1
curate your sewing title card
how to use a croquis title cards League
League of Dressmakers How to Sew Buttonholes title card


“I am always excited to see what's new on Friday! I watch the videos even when I am not working on that particular project. The League has been a constant in my ever evolving sewing practice. I don't think I will ever "grow out" of it. I think that is what makes this membership different than the rest. There isn't an end point. We are all still trying new things and learning new skills.”

“It’s nice to try some different silhouettes and have the encouragement to change some elements as needed to get something that’s more 'me' or just different than the previous make.”

“My favorite sew along was the Carolyn pajamas. I did such a good job on all the details! I usually go for simple and quick, so it was nice to sew a bit more complicated.“

"I am very excited to have this resource to read/watch/listen over and over again in case life happens and I need to go back a step or two. I love that there [are] so many projects to learn a variety of techniques. I am here to slay the sew dragon once and for all!"


"I am so happy to be a part of this! What an incredible community.  I think you are onto something big."

"I’ve tried a couple of little projects, but I wanted to do something a little more in depth than my self taught method. Especially since I’m finding that I really love my new found hobby...I look forward to learning more and becoming more familiar with my sewing skills! Thanks so much for putting this together!"

League path to success better results

Master the sewing techniques that ensure everything you make feels great to wear.

Sew faster with fewer mistakes to complete better projects in less time.

Gain confidence at the sewing machine that follows you out into the world.


Let's Sew What's Next, Together.

Join the thousands of students who have learned to sew with us!

half year


$ 99 / 6 Months
  • weekly exclusive members-only content
  • instant access to the full video library
  • unlimited access to exclusive patterns & sewing guides
  • How To Sew Clothes video series
  • How To Sew series for better foundational sewing skills
  • live chats & streaming video coffee dates with Deborah & our League community
  • private access to our online community platform with NO ads and NO algorithm
full year


$ 179 / 12 Months
  • weekly exclusive members-only content
  • instant access to the full video library
  • unlimited access to exclusive patterns & sewing guides
  • How To Sew Clothes video series
  • How To Sew series for better foundational sewing skills
  • live chats & streaming video coffee dates with Deborah & our League community
  • private access to our online community platform with NO ads and NO algorithm
with mentoring


$ 379 / 12 Months
  • four PRIVATE sessions with Deborah per year--you choose the topic and get personalized sewing instruction!
  • weekly exclusive members-only content
  • instant access to the full video library
  • unlimited access to exclusive patterns & sewing guides
  • How To Sew Clothes video series
  • How To Sew series for better foundational sewing skills
  • live chats & streaming video coffee dates with Deborah & our League community
  • private access to our online community platform with NO ads and NO algorithm