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League of Dressmakers

The League of Dressmakers is an online subscription club for the adventurous seamstress. In a connected community, members embrace courageous creativity through video lessons, garment sewalongs, inspiring textile travel documentaries, and friendships with other folks who love to sew clothes. Come be a world-saving, pin-busting, adventurous stitcher with us!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the League of Dressmakers?
The League of Dressmakers is a monthly subscription club for the adventurous seamstress–or anyone looking to become one!  In a friendly, connected community, League members practice core sewing techniques and participate in organized sewalongs to create beautiful handmade garments while growing their skills. The League supports and inspires members to experiment with sewing and try new things, even if they’re unfamiliar or uncomfortable, in order to grow and learn! We make beautiful clothes and we make mistakes, and we do it all together in a warm place where your questions can be answered.
Why call it a League?

When Deborah started the League, her vision was of a cross between the League of Superheroes and a bowling league: a group where each individual’s strengths support and enrich the rest, and where teamwork wins the day, with just the right amount of relaxing banter, friendly connection and flat-out fun to balance it all out.  The League of Dressmakers is a place where we all can find our strengths, learn from one another, work together to grow our sewing, and have a very good time doing it.

Can I join the League whenever I want?
Yes!  Registration for the League is on a rolling basis, and stays open throughout the year.  You can join today and have instant access to the entire back catalog of videos, with new content arriving every month.
Can I be part of the League from outside the United States?
Yes!  The League is open to members from around the world.  All content is in English, and older videos may not include captioning, so please take that into account when registering.
Are sewing patterns included in the content when I join?
Yes! League membership includes access to exclusive full-scale sewing patterns in sizes XS-XXL, complete with illustrated instructions and nested pattern pieces.  In addition, for most of the skills tutorials, printable practice patterns are included so you can experiment with the technique.  We also have quarterly sewalongs using popular purchased patterns by designers like Christine Haynes, Grainline Studio, Wiksten, True Bias, and more!  Those patterns must be purchased separately, but whenever possible the League works with the designer to obtain a discount just for members.
What skill level is the League designed for?
The League is best for members who are at or approaching the intermediate skill level–which is to say, you know how to operate your sewing machine and stitch & press a seam.  If you’ve ever made a garment, you’re probably past the beginner stage, and that’s where the League wants to serve you!  We aren’t making corsets or men’s suits; we’re sewing classic garments from familiar fabrics using your home sewing machine. If that’s you, the League is the perfect fit!
What types of garments does the League make?
The League focuses on core technical skills that apply to any garment sewing, with particular emphasis on women’s clothing, from dresses to blouses to skirts and more.  Alongside that, skills series cover topics like fit, pattern selection for your body type, and fundamental alteration techniques.  As a bonus, some registration levels also include access to the back catalog of Whipstitch e-courses, including Sewing for Kids, Everyday Handbags and Sewing Knits without the Serger.
How will I know when new content has been added to the League site?
All the League content is available for you from the moment you register, and new content is added every month!  Your registration email address will be used for all communication, and you’ll receive a monthly newsletter alert when new videos are available.  You can also join the private Facebook group to meet other members and share your updates with the rest of us!
How can I meet other League members?
Every video on the League site includes a dedicated forum page where you can start a conversation with other members, or join a thread already in progress!  We also host quarterly live chats where you can talk to Deborah in real time via video feed, get your questions answered, and connect with members around the world.  Every day, you’ll have access to the private Facebook group where you can post photos of works-in-progress or of disasters-waiting-to-happen and get the support & encouragement you crave!
I can't remember my username and/or password. Can you help me log on?
Your username was set when you created your account.  Any payment confirmation you received from us will include your username in the body of the message.  If you can’t remember your password, you can reset it using the link on the login dashboard.
What's your return policy?
You may cancel your subscription at any time from your account login.  Annual subscribers may cancel during the first 14 days for a prorated refund.  No refunds are available for past payments on cancelled monthly subscriptions, but once cancelled a subscriber will no longer be charged.