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The League of Dressmakers is an online subscription club for the adventurous seamstress. In a connected community, members embrace courageous creativity through video lessons, garment sewalongs, inspiring textile travel documentaries, and friendships with other folks who love to sew clothes. Come be a world-saving, pin-busting, adventurous stitcher with us!

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Members come to the League of Dressmakers from all kinds of starting points: some of you love our community best, and want to grow your sewing with friends. Some of you are looking to learn the skills for a perfect fit in your handmade wardrobe. Some are filling in gaps in your knowledge from learning to sew here and there, without the benefit of direct instruction.

Others come to the League BRAND NEW to sewing, looking to learn to sew from the beginning. This new video series, a permanent addition to our League of Dressmakers video library, is for our newest stitchers! This is the How To Sew Video Series, and it starts at the very beginning with how to thread your sewing machine, wind a bobbin, and sew in a straight line so ANYONE can get started sewing in under an hour.

The How To Sew video series is based on my best-selling book, Stitch By Stitch. When I wrote that book, my goal was to lead you to better sewing by creating projects that work in sequence. Each project teaches a foundational sewing skill so that as you make one after another, you encounter new skills and gain confidence before moving on to the next project. Each video in the How To Sew video series follows the same idea, and even some of the same projects!

How To Sew: Quick Start Videos

We start at the very, very beginning with SEWING TOOLS, then we MEET YOUR MACHINE, and learn to THREAD YOUR MACHINE and WIND THE BOBBIN. Finally, we focus on HOW TO SEW A STRAIGHT LINE.

Those first four videos are all available for FREE on my YouTube channel as the How To Sew Quick Start Guide. Here at the League of Dressmakers, we go even further: not only is there a printable WORKBOOK that covers all the content of the How To Sew Quick Start videos, but we have another FOURTEEN videos with projects, patterns, and step-by-step instruction as you learn to sew, one project at a time!

Sewing Tools & Supplies

The first episode of this series covers tools & supplies you’ll need to get the best results from your sewing. The tools I demonstrate include:

Episodes in the How To Sew series on YouTube:

  1. Welcome! All the tools you need to learn to sew
  2. Meet your machine: learn the parts of the sewing machine & master sewing vocabulary
  3. How to thread your sewing machine, wind the bobbin, and take your first stitch
  4. How to sew in a straight line, every time!


  1. PROJECT: sew a set of cloth napkins & master your straight stitching
  2. PROJECT: sew a sewing tool roll-up
  3. BONUS: how to make continuous bias tape
  4. PROJECT: sew a lined drawstring bag
  5. BONUS: how to make fabric ties
  6. PROJECT: sew a mini-quilt
  7. PROJECT: sew a custom sewing machine cover
  8. BONUS: how to take accurate measurements
  9. PROJECT: sew a zippered lined pencil bag
  10. PROJECT: sew a piped zippered pillow cover
  11. BONUS: how to sew an invisible zipper
  12. PROJECT: sew a reversible girls’ dress
  13. PROJECT: sew a womens’ wrap skirt with waist ties
  14. BONUS: how to applique with your sewing machine

New episodes publish Fridays this fall, two each week, through October!



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