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The Ogden Cami is a classic shape and a great first garment. Here at the League, we’ve worked hard to create a step-by-step video sewalong for you to follow, and it’s now LIVE in a new format!

Our new series option creates a “course” that resembles an online learning module and allows members to work through the posts in a series in order, with a sidebar to guide you and a progress bar to help save your place. We love that other videos on the League make it possible for you to build your own playlist, and this new series format builds on that by creating distinct modules for a single project that proceeds one video at a time.  Find it here, and have fun!


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  • Hi Deborah – I’ve been watching the videos in the Ogden Cami series and some of them seem to end abruptly. For example the construction step where you attach the facing ends right after the straps are pinned. The description of the video says it will demonstrate pinning and sewing. Also, the clipping video is posted twice – once in the clipping and again in the stay stitching section. Thanks for checking this.

    Beth Curtis

  • Hi Deborah,
    I was wondering why stabilizing spray rather than starch? I am making my muslin and just used starch because that’s what I delaying around…

    • That seems to be a question of taste, in large part, but my understanding is that starch alternatives won’t leave as much/any residue, so even though they don’t make the fabric quite at stiff, they also won’t make a mess of the iron or scorch. So if spray starch is what you have, then use that! My mom always did & it works a charm! But I have Best Press from making quilts, and it works great, too. 🙂

      • So being the nerd that I am and JoAnn was having a sale that I actually had the correct coupon for in my wallet; I purchased some Best Press and compared to my previously watched muslin pieces, I AM A CONVERT!