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One of the strengths of learning to sew one project at a time is the chance to refine skills as needed, before layering on the next level of experience. The How To Sew series does exactly that, by stacking projects one after another in a way that sequentially, logically builds your sewing skills so that each project ask you to learn only a handful of new skills, while giving you a chance to practice the ones you’ve already learned.

Cloth napkins are perfect for this. They’re great for using up fabrics you love, so that you can see them every day, and they’re an ideal project for mastering some core sewing skills. Even if cloth napkins aren’t your thing, the skills of sewing this project translate directly to garment sewing and any types of housewares you’d like to make! Hemming is THE final touch on nearly every sewing project you will ever do and your future self will thank you for pouring time in to really master sewing the perfect hem.

Skills In This Project:

  • using an overcast stitch
  • pressing a double-turned hem
  • sewing a consistent topstitch
  • making a mitered corner

This lesson is exclusively available to League members as part of the How To Sew series. Episodes 1-6 are now LIVE along with bonus content to guide your sewing. Even if you’ve been sewing for years, you’ll find something new to make your results better, with fewer mistakes, so you’ll build confidence at the sewing machine that follows you out into the world.

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