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The League of Dressmakers is an online subscription club for the adventurous seamstress. In a connected community, members embrace courageous creativity through video lessons, garment sewalongs, inspiring textile travel documentaries, and friendships with other folks who love to sew clothes. Come be a world-saving, pin-busting, adventurous stitcher with us!

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You want to sew for yourself, but you often find you’re unfocused or distracted, not sure where to start, or struggling to get organized so you can finally begin. 

That’s not surprising!  There are SO MANY ideas and patterns waiting to be sewn up.  It’s natural that we all find ourselves inspired but also overwhelmed!  Very often, the advice is to “get organized,” but honestly, what does that even mean? That if we put everything in the exact right magical place that suddenly we will have clarity and know JUST what to sew next?  We wish.

Instead, adopt a policy to CURATE according to where you are RIGHT NOW.

The word CURATE is so powerful.  It instructs us to select what works for us, right now, using a theme or goal as our guide.  We discard NOTHING but rather pull out what works, and set aside what doesn’t–and we have the freedom to repeat and re-examine the process as our circumstances, ideas, philosophy, and needs change.

This three-part video series walks through the concept of editing our sewing in FIVE categories:

  • style
  • space
  • supplies
  • skills
  • schedule

With a printable PDF workbook included, you’ll be guided through League founder Deborah Moebes’ personal closet & sewing space as a laboratory to see these ideas applied in a practical way, then join in discussion as we refine our own sewing by including what works for us in our lives today, and setting aside what no longer serves us.

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