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Travel Handmade: How To Fill Your Suitcase

I love to travel.  Our family has found it's a way for us to feel more like a team, and to build closeness without adding more STUFF to our lives.  We've been fortunate to see so many wonderful places together, and every memory is worth an absolute pot of gold as my children get older and closer to living on their own.

When we travel, I have discovered that I NEED to feel my best, and feel like my best SELF, in order to make those memories good ones.  Dressing in comfortable, handmade clothing that allows me to match my outsides to my insides is like this incredible semi-secret hack that gives me a shortcut to my Best Self when I travel.  That translates to Travel Handmade becoming a major part of my vocabulary.

The more we pack our bags and take off for distant places, the more tricks I've accumulated for making it a better experience.  They're not "tricks," really, more habits I've learned through trial-and-error that make ME a better me.  Things like: always carry on (never check) to prevent loss or delays; roll your clothes when you pack so you maximize suitcase space; and there's always room for another all-purpose sweater.

But I wondered, too: what happens if I have to pack and have NO IDEA where I'm going or what I'll do??  Or even: is it possible to make an ENTIRE wardrobe, specifically for a trip I'm taking??

That's what this series sets out to discover.

Through the videos in this series, I take TWO international trips, each chosen strategically to explore one of those goals.  Trip #1 is to ISRAEL, where I join a group tour and have zero influence over the destinations or the activities.  Can I pack for that journey with just a weather report and a loose itinerary?

Trip #2 is to GREECE, where I have the opposite situation: I created the entire itinerary myself, from scratch, with TOTAL control over the activities and pace.  Can I sew a handmade wardrobe for each of those activities--and then test each one in Greece to see if I pulled it off?

Along the way, we'll explore:

  • what really is a CAPSULE wardrobe, anyway?
  • best practices for maximizing space in your suitcase
  • what should go in your "second" carry-on bag
  • how to plan a wardrobe for a hot climate
  • what about shoes??
  • how to mix handmade with second-hand clothes for great layered looks

How to get started with Travel Handmade: How to Fill Your Suitcase

Join the League of Dressmakers!  This is just ONE of the video series we have here at The League, where our mission is to create a community intent on sewing the best handmade wardrobe of our lives.  You can join with a six-month or one-year membership, or join with a mentorship package for personalized instruction!  Learn more here.