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The Sewing Buddy Project is a free pen pal program that matches you with another stitcher somewhere in the world to exchange emails and ideas.  That’s it!  As part of the fun, we include monthly prompts that provide you with project ideas to share with one another.  Those projects will appear under your account on this site, and you’ll both receive an email each time a new prompt is posted.  We’re so excited to introduce you to your new sewing friend!

Register using the “Sign Up” button below.  You’ll need an account on the League of Dressmakers site to register, which you can create using the same button, for free.  By hosting the Sewing Buddy Project on the League platform, we can organize the content in a way that makes it easy to find, and include access to our member forum where you can easily meet not just your own Buddy, but others involved in the Project–as much or as little interaction as you desire.

Once you sign up, you’ll be directed to a WELCOME PAGE where you can fill out the Sewing Buddy Project survey and get started!


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