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How To Sew: A Stitch By Stitch Video Series

Stitch By Stitch, my first book, published in 2010 and promised you can Learn To Sew, One Project At A Time.  The entire book is a love letter to YOU, MY PEOPLE.  It is my answer to the sewing questions I heard from thousands of students in person when they couldn't find answers anywhere else.

I taught those lessons in person starting in 2007, and then online as a limited-run e-course called Essential Sewing starting in 2011.  Meeting so many of you was AMAZING.  I dreamed that one day, I would be able to share the lessons with EVEN MORE of you.

I could have offered Essential Sewing as an e-course again, but I know that so many of us have bought e-courses over the years AND NEVER EVEN STARTED.  I want us to FINISH together, and I want to KNOW YOU the way I got to know my other students.

An e-course isn't the answer.  What you want is a COMMUNITY.

How To Sew is the video series that offers you BOTH: a learn-to-sew guide that builds skills as you make projects you love AND a warm community of folks who get you--really get YOU.

I spent YEARS making notes and plans and considering HOW to bring Stitch By Stitch to the screen.  One of my very favorite reviews said, "Reading Deborah's words is like learning to sew from your best friend's older sister."

I treasure that review.  I want that to be YOUR experience, with videos and my voice guiding you along the way to the sewing you dream of doing!

How To Sew teaches you one project at a time, and every project is refreshed and re-imagined for a new you.

Every project from this video series, just like in my books, is intentionally designed to lead you to better sewing by sequentially adding skills as you gain experience and confidence. 

I thought hard about HOW YOU LEARN, and what the next stage is in learning through video.  EVERY PROJECT has been finessed and updated, making them thoughtful, curated designs that lead you to sew, one skill at a time, so that by the end of the 16-part series, you can sew (almost) anything your heart desires.

By the end of the first four episodes, you will:

  • fall in love with your sewing machine, and name every part, so you can ask for help when you need it
  • thread the machine & wind the bobbin, and figure out what went wrong when something goes wrong
  • sew in a straight line, EVERY time--seriously
  • assemble all the best tools that will make sewing more FUN


The How To Sew video series includes a total of SIXTEEN episodes You'll cover ALL the projects from Stitch By Stitch, PLUS projects from Stitch Savvy, PLUS bonus content--each one with a printable PDF pattern and full-length video guide.

By the end of the HOW TO SEW series at the League of Dressmakers, you will:

  • expertly manage your sewing machine, and use ALL the knobs and buttons
  • make a dozen projects that increase your skills step by logical step, so you can sew with confidence
  • stitch TWO garments, a women's skirt and a girl's dress, with clean finishes that you can brag about
  • select fabric that suits YOUR sense of style and works with what you already have in your closet
  • read a sewing pattern & understand the symbols and instructions to create garments you'll be proud to show off


How to get started with How to Sew: A Stitch By Stitch Video Series

Join the League of Dressmakers!  This is just ONE of the video series we have here at The League, where our mission is to create a community intent on sewing the best handmade wardrobe of our lives.  You can join with a six-month or one-year membership, or join with a mentorship package for personalized instruction!  Learn more here.