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Patternmaking Supplies

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Using Your Patternmaking Tools

Beginning at the beginning, we’re going to spend the bulk of today’s lesson discussing the various tools you’re most likely to use in the class...

Welcome to Patternmaking!

Hooray! I’m so excited that you’re all here. We have SUCH a good group for this class, and I know a lot of you are super excited about all the content we’ll be covering...

Patternmaking Supplies

This series walks you through the basics of how to draft your own sewing patterns based on your measurements.  These skills ALSO apply to adjusting patterns AND...

Make Your Own Patterns!

Congratulations! You’ve completed the course! Use your newfound skills and confidence to try out these courses next: Patternmaking – apply your new skills to...

Pattern Drafting: Measure Twice

I recognize that even the word “measuring” drums up uncertainty and anxiety in a lot of us, but it the first and most essential part of drafting a great...

Books and References

As we dive in, I’ll be sharing references for you of some of the techniques we’ll go over so that you can enrich the class and continue designing patterns...

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